The following testimonials come from Taylored Fitness clients who have benefited from our flexibility therapy program. Their stories are only a sample of the amazing results we witness through stretching.

Aaron's method of stretching is unlike anything I have ever experienced. So take advantage of one of the best kept secrets in health and fitness and I promise you won't like it, you will love it.

Harvey Mackay
National Syndicated Columnest and New York Times #1 Best Selling Author, "Swim With The Sharks"

I am writing this testimonial to enforce my belief in the ability of Tailored Flexibility to help people who have neurological and motor muscular problems.  I believe that I would not be walking today if it weren't for the flexibility therapy and the professional approach taken by Mr. Taylor.

I have had Parkinson's for the last 12 years.  I started going to Aaron 6 years ago.  I go once a week for a 1-hour session.  I feel these sessions will keep me out of a wheel chair well into the future.  I highly recommend the flexibility therapy sessions for anybody who has muscle and joint pain due to major neurological problems.

Scott Garrison
Scottsdale, AZ

I haven't been put in positions like that since I wrestled Andre the Giant!  The stretching method used by Aaron is PHENOMINAL!  After working with Aaron, I feel like I could go three falls with anybody.

Don Leo Jonathon
Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

I had the opportunity to experience Aaron’s skills in two areas.  First, his world-class quality stretch provided immediate improvement in my overall flexibility and my body’s ability to perform the proper golf swing.  Second, he educated me on the different muscle groups and identified problem areas for me to focus on.  For me, my tightest areas were my hips, and after performing some of Aaron’s suggested stretches, I have been playing some of the best golf of my life.  I would recommend Aaron’s program to anyone interested in improving their golf game and their overall well-being.

Bill Sendell
Tournament Dirctor
Pebble Beach Resorts


I have been working with Aaron for about four years.  His stretching method is unlike anything I have ever done.  Not only has it helped me in golf, but I have seen it help many others in all walks of life.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Betsy King
LPGA Hall of Fame Member
2007 Solheim Cup Captain


Taylored Fitness has enabled me to continue playing competitive  golf at a national level.  I have had both knees replaced and Aaron has aided me in keeping them strong, flexible and fit.  Through his stretching, I have avoided shoulder surgery and have been able to continue swimming.  Aaron is a fine gentleman who knows what your body needs and is able to keep you finely tuned.  I highly recommend his stretching.  I will continue with Aaron forever.

Betsy Bro
Minnesota Golf Hall of Fame


I have seen a lot of stretching exercises designed for golf, but nothing compares to Aaron and his stretching methods. He is truly the expert in flexibility and athletic performance.

Scott Brown
Director of Golf
Alta Mesa Golf Club


Mr. Taylor's stretching program has made me more flexible and overall a more functional athlete.  More importantly, after working with Aaron, I have been injury free.

Brad Douthit
Pitcher - USC

I have known Aaron Taylor for several years.  He has worked with me as both a physical trainer and with his stretching process.  His stretching system is the best I've experienced.  Most women my age get stiff and less limber as they age and before I met Aaron I was very unflexible.  He has a fabulous way of stretching your body!  I am an avid golfer and his stretching has increased my ability to hit the ball farther due to the increased flexibility.  Besides being a great trainer, he is a special person.  He has the perfect personality to work with anyone from children to senior citizens.  Everyone should have the opportunity to experience his stretching and fully understand its value. 

Julie Lenertz
Bloomington, MN

As a pilot, I can sit for 8-10 hours a day.  I started to develop major back pain and I couldn’t even finish 18 holes of golf.  After working with Aaron, I have ZERO back pain, I can now play 36 holes of golf pain free and, believe it or not, I have added 20-30 yards to my drive.

Blake Gibson
Airline Captain

I have worked with Aaron for a couple of years due to a couple of car accidents that I have been in.  As a member of the LPGA, I see the importance of being strong and flexible.  Aaron’s program provides that.

Angie Rizzo
LPGA Tour Professional


Aaron Taylor’s stretching method has provided our members (Pinnacle Peak Country Club) an invaluable service that you cannot find anywhere else.  His reputation and professionalism has made him and his method very popular with our members.

Brian Straight
General Manager
Pinnacle Peak Country Club


It never fails, due to his ability to stretch areas that are impossible to get to on your own; Aaron is always able to help my aches and pains.  His method of stretching is unlike and unmatched by anything I have ever experienced.

Bobby Eldridge
Head Teaching Professional


Being a Director of Golf as well as a full time Teaching Professional, hundreds of my students and members have been through Taylored Fitness stretching.  I can tell you as a golfer, marathon runner and operation manager, stretching has personally improved my life with increased flexibility and energy.

Paul Preston
Teaching Professional 


Mr. Taylor has helped me immensely over the several years I have worked with him.  We have worked in a variety of ways from nutrition to flexibility and his overall expertise  in these areas have enabled me to prevent injury and improve my overall health as well as gain an edge in athletics at the collegiate level.

Trent Sanders
Golfer - Washington State University


After working out, I get stretched by Aaron twice a week.  I truly feel that this has helped me tremendously.  As one ages, like me, you need this type of therapy for your well being.  My muscles get tight and Aaron helps with his stretching techniques.  I think flexibility is the key and this can be obtained with Aaron's stretching program.  I look forward to my visits with Aaron.  Thank you Aaron!

Marjorie Johnson
Scottsdale, AZ


I started working with Aaron about a year ago when I was going through some shoulder pain.  I play high school baseball and I was only able to pitch about 4 innings because of my pain.  After only three sessions with Aaron I pitched a complete game without any pain.  The stretching is fun and really does work.

Ryan Nemger
16 years old


I have always enjoyed Aaron's stretching program.  His sessions always make me feel so young and rejuvenated.  To me, massages just don't compare.  I wish Aaron and Taylored Fitness nothing but good things in life.

Mary Gerry Lee
Scottsdale, AZ


I have utilized the services of Aaron Taylor for the last three years.  Several people who were familiar with his work referred me.  I have not been disappointed!  His stretching program is both unique and extraordinarily effective.  I feel fortunate to be able to avail myself of his services and plan to do so for years to come.

A premium to Aaron's stretching and expertise is his positive attitude, professionalism, and genuine interest in his work and his clientele.  I recommend him without reserve.

Tom Lee
Scottsdale, AZ


I have had the pleasure to know Aaron Taylor for the past five years.  During this time, I have repeatedly and regularly utilized his talents and services as both a workout consultant and primarily as a flexibility therapist.  Aaron has made a significant contribution toward improving my overall flexibility with his one of a kind stretching program.  Without hesitation, I would heartily recommend his program to anybody!

Randall R. Smith
Scottsdale, AZ


Before I started Aaron Taylor's stretching program, I always asked myself, "will I ever be limber?"  I have always been tight and didn't know how to stretch properly.  Now that I have been seeing Aaron for two years, it is clear to me that stretching with him does wonders.  It has made me faster, made me stronger, and I have not had any injuries.

Before I started working with Aaron, my legs were tighter than a guitar string.  I tried stretching myself, but nothing worked.  Then I met Aaron.  He stretched me with his rare techniques.  One thing that stands out to me is that he will have you push back against his pressure, strengthening the whole muscle.  By doing this, I was able to loosen my legs, helping them move freely.  Due to this freeness in my legs, I was able to sprint faster.  When I started with Aaron, I was running an 8 flat 60 yard dash, now I am down to a 7.

I am a high school pitcher and over time my arm would form knots in the rotator cuff and the forarm area, which leads to elbow pain.  Aaron is excellent on checking these areas for knots.  When he finds a knot, he has a special technique that he uses to work it out.  Aaron's stretching program helps improve and keeps my body in top condition.  He has made me into an athlete who is more limber and mobile and has helped me avoid any injuries.  In all, I don't know if I would be the athlete I am today without Aaron.

Alan Frank
16 years old




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